About the Club

The Luzerne County Brewers (LCB) is a homebrew club open to individuals 21 years of age and older.

Club Focus:

  • The primary focus of the club is furthering the education of it members.
  • The secondary focus of the club is to actively promote responsible consumption of alcohol.
  • Third focus of the club is the tasting and reviewing beers.

Meeting Night and Time:

We hold club meeting at 7PM on the second Monday of each month at Evan's Roadhouse located at 330 North Hunter Hwy, Drums, PA 18222.

Membership Dues:

Membership dues are $20/person or $25/couple and as always you can feel free to attend a few meetings as a guest to see what we do, how we do it and what a great value membership is.

Meeting Format:

  • Loosely based on “Roberts Rule of Order”.
  • Meeting will be called to order at 7 PM.
  • Roll call of members present.
  • Reading of the minutes from last meeting.
    • Time allowed for members to propose amendments to the official minute.
    • Vote to approve the minutes.
  • Officers’ Reports
    • Updates from officers for ongoing activities that do not require a vote.
  • Members Reports
    • Updates from members for ongoing activities that do not require a vote.
  • Old Business
    • Business previously planned for discussion at the current meeting.
    • This can include items that were discussed at the last meeting, but more information was needed or they weren’t on the agenda for a vote.
    • Old business may include votes.
  • Regular Business
    • Any item listed on the agenda as regular business for the club to discuss.
    • Members can vote on each issue listed on the agenda.
    • Members cannot vote on any item not listed on the agenda.
    • Officers can vote to table discussion or voting of any item until a later meeting, but they must either set a date for more discussion or postpone indefinitely.
  • New Business
    • Any new business before the club that will require a future vote.
      • Must include a description on the future agenda.
  • Announcements
    • Announcements from officers or members.
      • Cannot include votes.
  • Training/Education
    • Brief educational presentation will be made.
  •  Adjournment
    • The meeting leader will move for adjournment.
    • A second motion is required.
    • Officers will vote to end the meeting.
      • In the event of a tie vote the members will vote to adjourn the current meeting.
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